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Donald Trumps website breached by @TelecomixCanada

trumps site hacked

Today @TelecomixCanada has breached Donald Trumps website because “We are writing you today via Mr Trump’s website because, seeming, the only way to get anyone to pay attention any more is to grease a Presidential candidate’s website. We agree it is a regrettable state of affairs, we blame big Quinoa mostly.” Your Moment of Zen, […]

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@TeamGhostShell Returns with Leak the entire summer


After almost exactly 2 years and 6 months away Well-known hacker collective TeamGhostShell has returned with a rampage of leaked data from all sorts of websites.

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60,000 Personal Credentials Leaked From Syrian Sites


The leak which is titled “ECA vs. Assad | Part 1” was posted to pastebin with a preview of some of the users data and a link to sendspace. The attack is apart of a bigger operation that is going on towards what the hackers are claim are pro-assad targets.

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RRRC Rat Resource & Research Center Hacked, Defaced and Data Leaked

The announcement has been made from twitter and the leaked data first uploaded to MEGA as a 14MB sqlmap log file that contains 8 administrator accounts of which most appear to belong to staff from University of Missouri which makes sense as its directed by Department of Veterinary Pathobiology at the University of Missouri.

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Russian RUSAL Deployed Equipment to Spy on Intertelecom Ukraine


The Data leaks which started in march have so far leaked on documents from Searchinform, Russian Defence Export and Russian Industrial Investment Fund and now the most recent dump comes from China Embassy in Moscow.

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