Credit Rating Agencies Hacked By #WallRoad

A hacker throwing the handle #wallroad around had released a huge dump of Credit Rating Agencies information on the 1st as a new years present in the name of anonymous.

How ever since then both parts had been deleted but have resurfaced again. The data that is contained within the leak is logins, emails and sadly a lot of them are in clear text, which is a worry for the what some of these companies do.

The leak comes from twitter account of @PIKAJ00 who as seen below takes claim for the attack.

In the leak release Wallroad explains them self as below:

Who is WallRoad ? :
WallRoad is a splinter cell of #Lulzsec or #antisec. WallRoad agrees to most
Anonymous operations. WallRoad has focused their attention to Credit Rating
Agencies and their financial hyprocrisy that ruins normal people’s lives.
You, the Credit Rating Agencies , have a lot to learn about living without
any repproaches, obviously… We hope others will make good use of your login
accounts everywhere. Oh yeah, you like our defacings BTW ? Pretty cool, hu ?
Rendez vous au white dream, si j’suis pas là c’est qu’jsuis au white bitch !

The database leak comes in two parts, part 1 has been re-uploaded due to being deleted from pastebin.

Part one

Part two:

If you use any of these companies and have been effected please contact us, we would like very much to hear your story and what you think about this.