Interview: Pr0t0n_An0n hacker who hacked 5 Australian Government sites and Harvard

Over the past 30 hours or so there has been two fairly big story’s that have both come from attacks carried out by the same hacker, first Harvard got exposed and hacked and had emails leaked and then today 5 Australian government websites got hacked.

We had the chance to interview the hacker who is just 15yo and goes by the name PrOtOn and is part of D157UR83D Crew

So here is the main interview raw pasted. as you will see PrOtOn has more plans for the Australian government that involves the AFP ( Australian federal police).


CWN: Was the ACTA reasons the only reasons for the attacks on the Aussie government?

PrOtOn: yes, and because we know alot of hackers in Australia we stick up for our friends and we shouldn’t stand for that kind of oppression


CWN: Are you Australian

PrOtOn: Yes a lot of the people in D157UR83D crew are Australian


CWN: How long have you been hacking for

PrOtOn my first hack was in primary school, i think i was 11 i found out that i could get into the admin of a program called lexia which was some education program thing, so i change the information for a couple of people and I’ve been picking up things ever since


CWN: May i ask how old you are or around about age

PrOtOn im 15


CWN: Are you the member who did the Harvard hack

PrOtOn yes


CWN: How many members is there all together

PrOtOn well at the moment, there is ANTRA, me, and blazer( a Swedish guy)


CWN: are all around the same age?

PrOtOn yes


CWN: so you said you had more plans for the Australian government any idea when this may happen?

PrOtOn well, i was actually running scans on ( Australian federal police) and Ive found 156 CSRF vulns and a couple of other vulns, so very soon.


CWN: Does it scare or worry you at all about hacking such sites or hacking in general?

PrOtOn to be honest, yes it does, i sometimes get scared that i will get caught, but then i realise that all im doing is just sticking up for what i believe in and helping others in the process. and its the admins faults for not securing their systems.


CWN: Do you mind if i publish this word for word?

PrOtOn Yeah sure.


So there is it people, the interview with the 15yo who hacked many sites in a very short amount of time.

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