Well known musician sites under attack by anonymous hacktivist

Anonymous hacktivist have been at it again, targeting some well known musician websites. The attacks come from the wikiboat hacker @TibitXimer who has for the last few days been announcing the attacks.

The sites musician’s that were attacked belong to Carly Rae, Justin bieber. Besides those two sites there has been many other attacks on Nazi/whitepower based websites, the KKK and even boychat and KPMG.

The attacks have taken place over the past 2days starting on the 5th with the following tweets being announced as each target was taken down.

TANGO DOWN http://carlyraemusic.com/ via #TheWikiBoat | Don’t call me | http://youtu.be/fWNaR-rxAic | @carlyraejepsen |@AnonOpsSweden @Cyber_War_News

TANGO DOWN: http://www.justinbiebermusic.com/ via #TheWikiBoat#JustinBieber #Bieber | @AnonIRC @AnonOpsSweden@Cyber_War_News @justinbieber

TANGO DOWN: http://whitepowerforum.com/ &http://americannaziparty.com/ via #TheWikiBoat | #FuckNazis@AnonymousWiki @Cyber_War_News @AnonOpsSweden

Tibit ‏@TibitXimer 
TANGO DOWN: http://www.kpmg.com  via‪#TheWikiBoat‬ | @AnonymousWiki@AnonIRC @Cyber_War_News

Tibit ‏@TibitXimer
TANGO DOWN: http://www.jellis.com  for http://redd.it/w1ih1 | ‪#WikiBoatWednesday‬ | Don’t fire ppl for saving a life | @Cyber_War_News

Tibit ‏@TibitXimer
TANGO DOWN: http://boychat.org  via‪#TheWikiBoat‬ | ‪#FuckPedos‬ |@AnonymousWiki @AnonOpsSweden@PonyCr3w @AnonIRC@Cyber_War_News


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