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October 2012
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hackers hit new low, National Cancer Institute attacked by hackers


Today hackers have hit a new low with an attack on a website which gives information and links to services related to fighting and dealing with cancer related issues.

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NullCrew Information and Attacks

NullCrew logo

2012 has introduced many new hacker collectives to the scene but one has been making headlines more so then a lot of the others. Null Crew or otherwise known as @OfficialNull on twitter has been on a hacking rampage for a few months now that has had high profile and controversial targets in its sights. The american government has also been paying attention […]

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Preview of Upcoming leak from @Officialnull

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Just a few days ago the NullCrew member @0rbit_g1rl contacted us with a few images and bit of information about the breaches that have been on some state websites.

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Official Thailand Mcdonalds Hacked, User Credentials Leaked By Maxney


Turkish Agent Hacker Group member Maxney has been at it again targeting high profile fast food websites after last week’s attack on Pepsi Hungary which seen a 14 part leak that totalled over 50,000 user credentials being leaked.

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