1.7GB Documents leaked from Special State Protection Service of Azerbaijan


The state of Azerbaijan has been hit by hackers who have taken sights to the Special State Protection Service.


Anonymous hacktivist have managed to obtain and release over 1.7GB of documents that are in PDF, txt, doc formats and the data was announced from the Par-noia.net twitter account @Par_AnoIA not to long ago.

The leaked data comes from Azerbaijan Special State Protection Service which appears to be the special security forces of the President to the State of Azerbaijan (http://dmx.gov.az/) or translated page.

In the release notes on Par-anoia.net they explain that the documents cover a huge range of services.

Much like the Innodata Leak there are huge amounts of documents originating from other companies, apart from the ones mentioned most namely Sumato Energy, French bank BNP Paribas, ING Geneva, Prolexic, Taurus Petroleum, Exoil and McDermott. And such a jolly group of people they are. It does not take much googling to find nasty details about their business practices.

Full release can be found on Par-anoia.net and preview can be seen below via imgur.

Once more information comes to light if its important updates will come.