Reporting Contents

Consider the below options before making a request to have content removed or changed. If your content Report falls in the below fields you may be ignored.

Acceptable Requests

  • Removal of contents
    Defamation of a single person or company. - proof must be given.
    If you feel the article is a personal attack on a single person.  - proof must be given.
  • Change of contents
    Incorrect information – proof must be given.
    dead links – these will be made inactive. 

UN-Acceptable Requests

  • Removal of contents:
    Because they are a “skiddie”
    Because You or Person You know may have a issue with the hacker people involved.
    Because You or the Organization in the article feel the breach being public makes you look bad.(simply this is your fault for not having proper security measures in place.).

  • Change of contents
    Because you don’t agree with what we said, freedom of speech is supported here.
    Any of the above content removal UN-Acceptable Requests are also go for content changes.

What to do

If you feel your problem falls within the Acceptable Requests Please contact us Now