Anonymous has become more of a hacktivist clan rather then a a group fo anonymous users who used 4chan and kept quiet from the main media like they originally did.

Wide Area and Sensing Conference Hacked, Database Leaked for #OpbigBrother


Today an Anonymous hacker posted a leak of data to zerobin that comes from the Wide Area and Sensing Conference held by Rocky Mountain Technology Alliance.

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Team Berserk Leak Documents From FBI Fusion Center


Earlier today Hackers from TeamBerserk announced a leaked of document data from a FBI Fusion Center.

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MIT breached on Aaron Swartz Passing Anniversary


Today anonymous hacktivist have breached MIT servers and left a small note on one of its sites.

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Anonymous leak Ukraine Government Emails And Credentials for #OpUkraine


Appears a few days ago part 2 of the Operation Ukraine was dropped on the internet and announced from

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