All attacks that have a defacement or defacings of websites or servers.

Donald Trumps website breached by @TelecomixCanada

trumps site hacked

Today @TelecomixCanada has breached Donald Trumps website because “We are writing you today via Mr Trump’s website because, seeming, the only way to get anyone to pay attention any more is to grease a Presidential candidate’s website. We agree it is a regrettable state of affairs, we blame big Quinoa mostly.” Your Moment of Zen, […]

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MIT breached on Aaron Swartz Passing Anniversary


Today anonymous hacktivist have breached MIT servers and left a small note on one of its sites.

Read Full Story Breached By @turkguvenligi


Today a hacker using the handle @turkguvenligi who has been around for some time now has announced a breach on the well known website.

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UK Council for Graduate Education Rehacked, Internal Message from JANET Posted in Deface


Yesterday i did an article on a leak of data and a defacement on UK Council for Graduate Education which was carried out by a hacker using the handle smitt3nz

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Indonesians Still Attacking Innocent Sites After Failing to Attack Government Sites


Earlier this week Indonesian hackers started attacking Australian based websites in retaliation to the Australian Gov and NSA spying on them.

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VICE Hacked By Syria Electronic Army


Today the Syria Electronic Army @Official_SEA16 has announced a breach on popular news website

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Hundreds of Australian Websites Attacked for #OpAustralia By Indonesian Hackers, Threats Made To Australia


Today has seen hundreds of websites owned and operated by Australian private businesses defaced by Indonesian hackers who are opposed to the recent news that Australia and NSA together had spied on Indonesia in the past, see here.

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8 Cook Islands Government Sites Breached and left Defaced


Hackers using the handles HeRoTurk and today have posted to pastebin a small list of 8 websites that have been breached and left with a new file named, x.htm.

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