Tango down

Tango down was taken from the oldschool military strike results when a target was attacked successfully they use to report it as “tango down”. Nowdays hackers use this term to explain websites have been taken offline in some way or another.

Indonesians Still Attacking Innocent Sites After Failing to Attack Government Sites


Earlier this week Indonesian hackers started attacking Australian based websites in retaliation to the Australian Gov and NSA spying on them.

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@th3j35t3r Strikes Again, Sites downed for Distributing Inspire Magazine


Once again @th3j35t3r has come out and attacked two different sites today after they distributed Inspire Magazine.

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Myanmar Government Sites attacked for OpMyanmar


Anonymous and other hacktivist have been at it all week targeting sites based or about in Myanmar.

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NTT DoCoMo USA Site taken offline


Over the past week there has been huge attention to a leak of data from the Japanese mobile giant DoCoMo in the name of it supporting CISPA.

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Anonymous Attacks North Korea for #OpNorthKorea


Anonymous hackers have started a new operation against North korea in light to the recent escalation of threat of war.

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Police Crime Prediction Software, PredPol Source Code Leaked By Anonymous


An anonymous hacktivist has today announced a leak of source code that comes from PredPol.com, which is a policing prediction software used by many divisions of California police.

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Official Microsoft Europe Tango Down Claim by @AnonSquadNo035


An Official Microsoft website (http://www.microsoft.eu/) for Europe appears to be having struggles loading and hackers have made claim to this.

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#OpEgypt Still in operation taking down government sites


A few months back Anonymous hacktivist and hackers from around the world united and kicked of Operation Egypt.

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Internet Crime Complaint Center Offline, Game Over Claims Tango Down


The IC3 Internet Crime Complaint Center main website (ic3.gov) has been offline for a few hours now and has been claimed by Game Over.

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