AntiSec Was short for the Anonymous Operation AntiSecurtiy which was started off by the lulzsec hackers. The operation has died out by half way through 2012 but as the past has showed us nothing is ever finished.

National Association of Federal Agents Defaced For #FFF


#FFF Is well known in the information security and hacker scene with it being closely associated to Anonymous and antisec operation from late 2011.

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Official website of The Crown Prince, Kuwait, Hacked For Xmas


Anonymous hacktivist have attacked a Kuwait government website ( that belongs to the Crown Prince.

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Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Hacked, #5Nov


The leak comes from Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe ( which pretty much explains itself in what it does.

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Anonymous Release Antisec Teaser For #5Nov


Anonymous hacktivist have been working away in the background obtaining access to a few places and obtaining data that is being set for release very soon in the name of Antisec.

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200+ Sites attacked by c0delist

International hacker ‘c0delist’ took down at least 200+ Websites this
morning over proposed privacy laws.

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UGNAZI Team joined forces with Anonymous hacktivist


Hacker collective UGNAZI or @UG has just announced via their twitter account that they are teaming up with anonymous hacktivist.

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