Ecuador Military and Government and other sites Defaced For #5Nov


Hackers using the handle @LulzSec_Ecuador have posted a few websites that belong to the Ecuador military and Government that got breached in the #5Nov cyber attacks across the globe that have been taking place.

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Australian sites Attacked as #5Nov is kicked off by Anonymous


Well today has been very busy and its only going to get worse as hacktivist from all over the world are starting to come out dumping information and defacing hacked websites.

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80+ Australian websites hacked, defaced in less than 48hrs


Normally Australian based websites are not really a big target for hackers but more recently this trend has changed and many of the websites for business, personal and organizations are vulnerable to hacks.

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Australian Fishing Trade Association (AFTA) Hacked, 900 Accounts Leaked By #DoktorBass

Yet another Australian based website has been breached and had  over 900 accounts leaked as a result. The website belongs to the Australian Fishing trade association ( who overlooks and helps setting standard for fishing gear and related stuff right across Australia and has been doing so since the 80’s. The attack just adds to the list of sites that we reported […]

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Anonymous Australia Release Video To Explain AAPT Leak

Late last night a video was released to the public which has a very strong aussie accent behind it. The video was announced via the anonpr website and comes with the following transcript.

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Anonymous Australian to leak 40gb from AAPT


Over the past few weeks we have watched Australian hacktivist who are not happy about the proposed security laws that may or may not be coming into place been attacking many different Australian websites under the OpAustralia flag as a result. Alot of these sites have so far been Queensland government based with many defacement’s already happening. The have also been […]

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Australian Federal Police Issue Warnings to 6 Youths Over Cyber Activity


Over the past months we have seen Australia becoming a target for hackers, as well as this we have seen many young hackers surfacing from the suburbs around Australia.

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