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Huge Italian Government Leaked with small link to Canada Child Porn Bust


Today Anonymous hacktivist have leaked further information from the Italian government in a on going dump of data.

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Huge Data Leak From Ministry of Economy of Poland By #Anonymous


The most recent leak comes from Poland’s Ministry of Economy which follows the recent large leak of information from the Greece’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) by the same Anonymous hacktivist.

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Huge Leak Of Documents Leaked For #OpGoldenDawn By #Anonymous


Today Anonymous hacktivist have announced another huge leak of documents which comes from Greece’s MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe).

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Azerbaijan: Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies Documents Leaked


Today i have been contacted by an anonymous leaker who has pointed me in the direction of a leak of files from the Azerbaijan government.

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Palestine Ministry of Foreign Affairs Breached, Confidential Documents Leaked


Earlier today i was tipped off to a leak of documents that has come from the Palestine government who has apparently been breached by anonymous hackers as part of a upcoming big release.

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24 Pakistan Government Sites Exposed For Common Passwords


A hacker who uses the handle Godzilla or G.O.D has posted to pastebin on the 13th a statement which is followed by a list of Pakistani database credentials.

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Updates on CIA terrorist document leaks


Earlier today we posted a article on an older attack that was on the CIA, how ever since then we have obtained a little bit more information for confirmation purposes about this data and the breach behind it.

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