Tehran Water Company Hacked again, taken offline by yourikan


A hacker using the handle yourikan has been in contact with us as well as many other media company’s over the past few days in relation to a bunch of Iranian based websites that have been attacked.

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Posted in Defaced Head Lines – Iran Meteorological Organization Taken Offline & Destroyed in New Middle East Cyber Attacks


Along with some other wellknown hacking news sites we have also recived a tipoff about an attack on the Iran Meteorological Organization ( ).

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A independent forum that has no association with the Iran government has been hacked and had a fairly large amount of accounts leaked onto pastebin.

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#OpIran Engineering Website hacked, rooted, defaced and data leaked by @s3rverexe


The latest attack is on an iran based website that is a self claimed website for Top engineering teams. @S3rverexe has claimed to of hacked the server, which is true as you can see from the defacing and the data leaked as well as this he states he has control of the server (rooted).

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IDF, Israel Defence Force Attack Iran Websites in Middle East Cyber War


Yesterday we reported that a few hospitals came under attack in Israel, as a result of this many Israeli hackers have become pissed off and unleashed more attacks agasint Iranian websites and have plans for many more.

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