Australian Attorney General Websites attacked for #OpFreeAssange


This morning anonymous hacktivist have taken sights back towards Australian and as a result the Australian Attorney Generals website has been suffering outages and downtime this morning.

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Cambridge still being attacked by NullCrew

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This week we published an article about the on going attacks on Cambridge university mainly led by #nullcrew hackers but has since been a reason for other hackers to start having a ago at the university network.

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Cambridge University Under attack for #OpFreeAssange


Over the past few days previously hacked University, Cambridge has been a target for on going attacks that have ranged from database leaks, defacements and ddos attacks.

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SOCA, Cambodia National Bank & US Courts Attacked for #OpFreeAssange


This weekend has been very eventful so far and it is looking that the following weeks may be to with a few new operations backed by anonymous and other hacktivist are picking up pace. The most recent attacks come from @0x00x00 who has been using exploits within the sites servers has been taking down a number of high profile sites

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Further sites attacked for #OpFreeAssange


#OpFreeAssange has been picking up over the past few days with more attacks happening every day. some of the most recent attacks come from @WikiboatBR with a bunch of defacement’s and a hacker using the handle @0x3a0x3a who has dumped a load of breached FTP systems.

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British MP Peter Hain’s website defaced by #Anonymous for #OpFreeAssange


Over the past week anonymous hacktivist have been alot more vocal and active over the whole case about Julian assange. One of the most recent attacks have left a British MP’s website hacked and defaced after anonymous hacker obtained full access to it.

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