Attacks on Israel Creating Major Financial loss from #OpIsrael v2


Over the past 24 hours there has been an ongoing slaughter against any Israeli based websites, servers or services online by hundreds of different people.

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35+ Israeli & 115 Other Sites hacked by @AnonGhost_


A hacker using the handle Anon Ghost aka @AnonGhost_ has been making headlines recently with many sites defaced along the way.

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Cyber Attacks Continue On Israel


Israel for weeks now has been a main focus for a lot of hacktivist from all walks of life and many different corners of the world. Many hacktivist from Anonymous to other collectives have joined to attack Israel’s cyber space after the recent attacks on the Gaza strip.

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#OpIsrael Attack Updates 20+ further sites hacked


If you have not heard it by now, hacktivist from all around the globe are taking sights to Israel for the recent air raids and attacks on gaza strip.

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