GCHQ Official Twitter Suspended

Couple of weeks ago i started on a small side project as a way of playing with Ruby On Rails and as a result i came up with a nice tool that utilizes the twitter API and checks for suspended accounts in a ethical non-intrusive way. So far most of the finds have been porn […]

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Twitter 0day claim exposes users emails

update: Turns out this isn’t an 0day but more a glitch in twitters own service and security. – Today a twitter user going by the name of @XTM_lulz who claims to be 13… and has a very long history of getting his account suspended on twitter started announcing that they had got a twitter 0day. lol […]

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One of the Sony hacker’s, @S3rver_exe has been hacked


Well it whats been an eventful day with fair few big things going down, one namely been Sony Pictures facebook and website got hacked. well shortly after one of the hacker @s3rver_exe has has had their twitter account hacked as well. What lead out from the words “skid” to the wrong person has ended up […]

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