Anonymous Release a Care Package aswell as Sarah Palin emails

Anonymous has released a site on tumblr with links to torrent downloads. These guides are mostly .pdf files AnonNews @ TPB As taken from the site incase of take down;

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**EVERYTHING HAS BEEN DOWNLOAD TO A SANDBOX, SCANNED, FOUND TO BE SAFE, AND UPLOADED BY US. ** It takes a lot of resources to keep the downloads working Please ฿ Donate using Bitcoin!1Cxg7skccH6gSCntJkdXTWy5NJgwTeC3av Anonymous Care Package: Includes the following as a zipped folder: - AnonymousMask.pdf

  • AnonymousRiotGuide.pdf
  • AnonymousSecurityStarterHandbook.pdf
  • Artwork
  • DeclarationOfIndependenceOfCyberspace.txt
  • Firefox-plugins
  • FirstAid-Made-Easy.pdf
  • FirstAid-MilitarManual.pdf
  • FreeSoftwareFoundation-BypassingCensorship.pdf
  • NSA-HowTo-Safely-Publish-WordtoPDF.pdf

**DOWNLOAD****Mirror Torrent **32.23MB Tool Kits:- Ballon Banner Manual.pdf (Download Torrent) 1.33MB

  • Bird-Dog Manual.pdf (**Download **Mirror MediaFire Torrent) 1.63MB
  • EndofAmerica_ActionGuide.pdf (**Download **Mirror MediaFire Torrent) 159.84KB
  • RS_ActionVisuals.pdf (**Download **Mirror MediaFire Torrent) 2.13MB
  • Ruckus Scouting Manual.pdf (**Download **Mirror MediaFire Torrent) 569.41KB
  • Hacking - Firewalls And Networks How To Hack Into  Remote Computers.pdf (**Download **MirrorMediaFire Torrent) 2.86 MB
  • Wireless Hacking.pdf (Download Mirror MediaFire Torrent) 3.91 MB
  • Creating Grassroots Movements for Change: A Field Manual .PDF (DownloadMediaFire Torrent) 313.7KB

Other fun stuff: - The first 2,003 pages of the Sarah Palin emails in PDF (Download MediaFire Torrent) 52.82 MB

Lee Johnstone

Lee Johnstone

Information Security Data Analyst, Investigative Journalist, Technology Lover, Mechanic.

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Anonymous Release a Care Package aswell as Sarah Palin emails
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