Also anything ive missed, incorrect or needs updating please contact us. Updated 30/7/11: Time line updated with exact dates and posts related. - - - - - -


Operation anti security #antisec is a hacktivist operation towards world governments and high profile company. Originally group LulzSec started the operation; spread it throughput social networks and then Group Anonymous Joined the operation. This all pretty much started with sony and cia attacks which has now gone further to attack government bodies in all different countries. This operation was started by LulzSec, then join by Team Anonymous which is pretty much anyone willing to target and attack these people. There have been posts with links to how to, irc bot nets, instructions and much more.... Over the morning of 21st Jun. 2011 (Australia time), there was a huge influx of attacks towards a wide range of countrys. With daily updates, video releases, news posts and attacks we are sure to see what is looking like the Cyber world war 1 or as some say World war III Taken into cyber space. - - - - - -

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Also anything ive missed, incorrect or needs updating please contact us. Updated 30/7/11: Time line updated with exact dates and posts related.

Time line

This counts for anything after 20th of June 2011 List is Newest to older; with any updates being just below here****i will up be updating list as it happens, when they announce it.- - - - - -

30th July 2011

Fuck FBI Friday see’s @ManTech data leaked AnonWorldUnited leaks and hacks- - - - - -

29th July 2011

CNAIPIC, Italian Police Documents leaked   FBI Personal Information Leaked- - - - - -

25th July 2011

Connection hack team government dump and Wallpaper art Social Democratic Party of Austria hacked by @AnonAustria Military email dump, & dump by @p0keu Wallmart data dump by Script Kiddies- - - - - -

24th July 2011

Philippines Congress hacked by @BashCrew Anonymous Colombia leaks 250 officials personal details More Military email and other account leaks Pakistan Government hacked and Database information leaked- - - - - -

23rd July 2011 accounts leak and SQLi vun of the day - - - - - -

22nd July 2011

NATO Documents leaked Statement to the FBI from Anonymous and LulzSec     10 government sites SQL dump from #antisec peru and Catlovers SQL of the day- - - - - -

21st July 2011

FBI going for the easy targets Couple of leaks from the past 24hrs

19th July 2011

two dumps of data one from nsa and other from CIM - - - - - -

18th July 2011

JL Audio database leaked Couple of minor leaks, and - - - - - -

17th July 2011 becomes SQLi of the day- - - - - -

16th July 2011

Florida International University Defaced by @p0keu in the name of #antisec. Post- - - - - -

11th July 2011

MILITARY MELTDOWN MONDAY Anonymous leaks military emails. Post- - - - - -

9th July 2011

German State Police (Bundespolizei) hacked. Post IRC Federal Leaks collateral damage, 39 sites offline. Post 19,000 FORCOM Accounts leaked by K1ndred_. Post- - - - - -

8th July 2011

Stevens Institute of Technology database leaked by @p0keu. Post IRC Federal vital security information leaked by anonymous. Post- - - - - -

6th July. 2011

BPM Data base leaked by @p0keu in the name of #AntiSec. Post Anonymous Message to Nimbuzz over censorship. Post- - - - - -

5th July. 2011

Connexion Hack Team Leaks 16900 random emails and passwords. Post ROL ISP network data leaked. Post- - - - - -

4th July. 2011

Fair Political Practices Commission Leaks from Connexion Hack. Post Press release from Redhackers. Post Sri Lanka's leaked by the_0utlaws. Post @f1esc leaks Nato, Spanish, passport, visa information. Post @f1esc Leaks out part 5 of Australian Election 2011 data. Post- - - - - -

3rd July. 2011

More Florida residents details leaked by Abhaxas. Post Apples survey site Ifail, database's leaked. Post Anonymous Australia on a leaking spree. Post Australian 2011 Election Data Leaked by f1esc for anonymous. Post Part 3 of Australian Election data leaked. Post Australian Election data leak part 4 by f1esc. Post @f1esc leaks American, Brazilian and Mexican Governments document. Post- - - - - -

2nd July. 2011

Florida Government leaks by @AbhaxasPost Florida voting database leaked by @Abhaxas. Post Adnan oktar web site defaced Defaced . Post- - - - - -

1st July. 2011

Arizona police force websites network completly defaced.  Post Chinga La Migra II Released, massive leaks of police data. Post- - - - - -

30th Jun. 2011

Pakistan Stock exchange data leak. Post Anonymous warning to Government Of Tunisia. Post- - - - - -

29th Jun. 2011

The release of the official anti security package was announced, this release has mass amount of police data. Post Massive package of miliatry data of meggitt leaked. Post Massive data leak as announced on the 28th. Zimbabwean government dumps Mosman Municipal Council ( dump Universal Music Group Partners dump 1 & 2 containing's user:passwords and other data Viacom dump containing internal mapping of Viacom and its servers Assorted Brazillian Government dumps and passwords Post- - - - - -

28th Jun. 2011 tango and announced as a target again. official docs, tango down for a bit; ddos, tango down for a bit Massive leaks of all sorts of data from government sites. Australian, Brazilian, Peru. Post Zimbabwe. Post 2800 officer details from Peruvia Aguilas Negras. Post Fuck MySpace, It's Facebook Now. Post Random PayPal Dump. Post InfraGuard Atlanta Password Dump. Post BitCoin MTGox PasswordPaste. Post Office Networks of Corporations. Post UK PrivateInvestigator Limited. Post- - - - - -

27th Jun. 2011 defaced. Post- - - - - -

26th Jun. 2011

LulzSec announces they have stopped sailing after 50days of attacks. Post Lulzsec release one last package with lots of FBI, Governemtn, game member accounts information. Post PBS suffers multipul attacks on. Wyoming PBS Database leaked- - - - - -

25th Jun. 2011

RuneScape Database leaked. Post Facebook accounts leaked. Post database leaked. Post PBS database leaked from university site. Post GRossmount high school database leaked. Post Australian ISP fear attacks from censorship deals, so they put a pause on it. LulzSec Releases International Naturist Federation Database of members, Post- - - - - -

24th Jun. 2011

From deepquest Tango down: LulzSec Arizona clowns confirm documents are authentic: A lulz lizard always pays his debts. Releasing more goods on Monday! #AntiSec From lulzb0at Presenting Chinga La Migra:… |… #AntiSec Gov Defacement #AntiSec #V…… @LulzSec < - - - - - -

23rd Jun. 2011

Anonymous announces more attacks on Sony, Post Police Make statement saying Ryan Cleary has been charged with cyber crimes, Post- - - - - -

22nd Jun. 2011

17.5K Users, Pass, Salt, Dumped. #AntiSec FBI Raids Data Center In Relation To LulzSec Attacks @KrioXis Much Love #Antisec Simple hack, will probably be changed in 10 minutes by someone. @LulzSec@anonops*( *screen shot has been added to gallery) Lots of Ddos't agaisnt sql inject of /Tango down /Tango down - - - - - -

21st jun 2011

First lot of attacks i noticed from the public so far are from twitter user:!/ulzl Post /Tango down /Tango down /Tango down /Tango down /Tango down /Tango down /Tango down /Tango down  /Tango down - - - - - -


All information gathered from social networks, newyork times, google live, and my own observations. - - - - - -

Final Notes

** Any problems with this contents, errors or dislikes; please contact me for a quick easy fix.**