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With the recent cyber war thats taken and still taking place can we actually be secure of any types of cyber crime at all? With botnet, sql injection, server exploits taking place will we ever have a step ahead where a networked computer can be totally safe from any intrusion or external network damage. So with big companies like sony what are they going to do to make sure that Nothing happens ever again? Is it even possible to make this promise?.With so many internet users nowadays it's going to be hard for them to stay secure or will it mean a new race of so called white hat hackers cleaning up big pay checks from companies, banks, governments and agencies all over the globe. As far as the intrusions go it is fairly complex effort to actually break into a secure server without any back doors or easy exploits but as for botnet it's a bit harder to stop this from happening as even a ISP itself can suffer from a botnet attack. With botnet attacks it all comes down to how big an "army" the attacker has, just like a real army: the bigger the army the more power they have and just like in real situations when the army does a raid it "overpowers" the target with force to gain the advantage; with botnet its pretty much exactly the same, bots are created by rouge infected images, videos, zip files, programs that are downloaded from pretty much anywhere. Once the user has download the bot, it starts talking to the IRC server and from there on it can be used to send its net power to a target. By doing this it's like trying to jam 300 people down a 1 metre wide hallway: it's going to get compressed, slow down and eventually just stop. On some rare case's bot nets can do actual hardware damage from "overheating" the hardware via the constant high rate of data it's processing, but this is fairly rare to happen with modern day hardware. Seems the only way to have a Completely secure server is to have it un-networked, which is fairly pointless. Even private networks such as traffic systems, radio systems, transport systems, face the possibility of intrusion from social engineering, break-ins, raids; nothing is impossible in this current day. With technology going further and growing faster every day what are we going to do?! It has to be sorted out fast and so does what the hackers are fighting for; Freedom of censorship online, freedom to mod/hack/change the products that we OWN, freedom to share all and any types of information, We need to fight for both cause's as both are going to end up putting a huge dent in the growth of the world and population. When u look at the past all the way back to when Kevin hacked networks over a phone to now where u can do it from your phone from anywhere u can get online, its pretty scary. Have we become beast's of power? I think not. I think a majority of people can see a wrong but that majority isn't as big as the opposing one so it leaves us where we are, lots of anonymous people from all around the world joining together to fight for a cause, a reason. My final thoughts are i agree with everything that Anonymous stands for and i sit on their side, I will not have my content censored or told that i can not modify my playstation 3, but i will not damage, cause trouble or harm for anyone ( unless these blogs harm u, if so you're weak sauce ). I share my thoughts on e-paper for everyone to read, Regards Lee.

Lee Johnstone

Lee Johnstone

Information Security Data Analyst, Investigative Journalist, Technology Lover, Mechanic.

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