As an early posted i reported i mentioned that there was a new player in the game, @KrioXis, i now withdraw that statement as today they have Posted a new statement saying that they are doing it for the good now, and to forget there past... "Today marks a change. Forget our past actions, contact with companies about vulnerability of their websites has begun. Protect the people." Shortly after they posted another statement and new link to a websites. "#AntiSec #Forthepeople @jadedsecurity Latest Release of information and new website launched." On the site is states they are Ethical hackers doing the right thing, alerting people to exploits they find so they can be fixed. *"We are here for you. We are here to help.**We are the peoples security fighters of 2011.*We will stand up for proper security, we will help with proposing new security systems, we will help with development where possibly." Im glad to see this, very glad infact. The more people who can do this may just help this cyber war end, by securing stuff to a point hackers just give up..( doubtful thinking ) Regards Lee.