Today ryan cleary, uk teenager suspected of being part of group anonymous and lulzsec was charged with 5 offences in relation to the SOCA website attacks, porn website attacks. Cleary was charged by the Metropolitan police with three specific attacks, including one earlier this week on Soca. Cleary is also charged with attacks against music trade bodies the British Phonographic Industry and the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. Cleary has been held for futher questions over the incident as the CIA, uk cyber crimes police and FBI contuine their investigation into the recent cyber war thats taking place. His mother, Rita Cleary, dressed in black, sat with another female relative in the public gallery for the hearing. Cleary, whose neighbours say is a bright teenager who rarely ventured outside of his bedroom, looked continually at the packed press bench as his lawyers told the magistrates court that he may yet face further charges. Lawyers acting for Cleary said he was "fully cooperating" with the ongoing police investigation and said he "wishes to cooperate further". So does this mean cleary is going to "snitch" on his accomplances, if any at all? What does this mean for the future of #antisec and Anonymous, i think nothing; small dent in the sheild to be honest, with the recent support ive witnessed across social networking sites its like its turning in to the new thing to support anonymous and its actions. full article here