THIS PACKAGE RELEASED HAS A VIRUS, DO NOT DOWNLOAD Well as reported earlier LulzSec has apparently left the hacking and Anti Security Operation that they started. They released one last package before the end and released this on torrents at the same time the 50day notice was announced. The package is very datafull, having lots of information being released. Package contents are as > AT&T: A large .rar archive includes a huge number of internal documents related to AT&T’s LTE rollout. It includes meeting memos, emails, media reports, PDFs, Powerpoint presentations and more. Battlefield Heroes: This text file appears to be a list of account details for over 550,000 users of social game Battlefield Heroes. FBI Being Silly: This text file includes the output of a URL on the FBI website. We’ll admit to not knowing the technical significance of why this is ‘silly’ as yet. This appears to be 200,000 user details for in a .csv file. Similarly, this appears to be 220,000 user logins for a NATO online bookshop (the URL currently redirects to the main NATO site). Evidence that LulzSec hacked the US Navy website: An image is included showing the phrase “Pablo Escobar AntiSec” inserted multiple times on a list of Navy salary grades. Office networks of corporations: A text file seemingly listing IP numbers of  internal Corporate networks,including Disney, EMI and Universal. Email login details supposedly for a number of private investigators: Self-explanatory. **User login details for “Random gaming forums”: **It’s unclear which forums. ******“Silly routers”: **A list of IP numbers for routers with passwords set to either ‘root’ or ‘admin’.

i will go over them in more detail and release any more important information later today. On the comments of the torrent thread are some links to the files as well Here's some of the txt files included: Silly routers: Investigators: FBI Being Silly: AOL Internal Data: This data leak is quite big, some  may of been leaked before but either-way its back out there and alot is exposed!!!!!