The FBI have raided there 2nd place with information search warrants in as many weeks with the 1st being DigitalOne. These raids are not for arrest for to gain Intel on the LulzSec hackers., LulzSec was a group of 6 hackers who for 50days exploited and leaked high profile information aswell as attacks with Ddos.On 23rd of jun 2011 FBI knocked at the door of 29-year-old Laurelai Bailey, producing a search warrant in connection to the LulzSec group. She told that there was 8 agents and they politely told her that she was not under arrest. This comes after bailey was doing media reports for the group and had leaked chat room logs of them doing the attacks. After this LulzSecdox'd her and released all her information on pastebin.Baily told the FBI everything she knew was in the public domain anyway and that anyone searching google andirc chat logs could find this information out.In the interview with Bailey told them that the FBI wanted her to "get close to them" to infiltrate there group, but she told them she was a target ever since she released the chat room logs. Bailey has also lost her job as a reporter.It really seems as if the FBI is at a stand still with figuring out who LulzSec is and where they are. So far is certain that they have done a very good job in covering up any traces with very few mistakes being made. So will we see more false raids with dead ends?