This post is just to explain what Hacktivism is and why Hacktivists take out the actions they do. Ok lets start with that funny word, Hacktivism, taken from the words Hack and Activism and can be very confusing/misleading at time as both words are ambiguous. Hacktivism is the Act of a Computer hacker, attacking a target with the intention of a outcome in protest to a situation. This is not always the case but is most Hacktivism attacks it is. It can Be carried out to protest against government's censoring information, it can be in protest to humans being mis-treated or to bank CEO's who get millions to do nothing but scam. Hacktivism is looked upon as illegal, but in any sense its a way to express one's opinion about the situation. as many case's commonly come down to individual taking out attacks as apposed to the recent years where we see Anonymous people coming together for a reason to obtain an outcome. To put it really simple, as i have always been told( keep it simple stupid) A Hacktivisit is one who Carry's out Hacktivism actions. Generally when hacktivism is carried out there are innocent victims that have nothing to do with the actual problem, its just a pity that the companies that force law enforcement, rules etc... does not spend the resources, money, time to secure the interest of their clients. More on With Recent hacktivism attacks such as Sony, there has been massive leaks of users data and as i just stated this comes down to the service provider or storage provider to keep this data secure and safe. Why hacktivism you ask? Well in 2011 we are so dependant on technology that it is the  only way to get through to these high profile companies, u could stand out side and protest your life away and they will just drive off in there company paid cars while we all suffer, but this wont get you anywhere. By taking services offline such as PSN big companies like Sony loose millions of dollars and the point gets to the other end no matter what. Yes i do feel sorry for all the innocent people, and i would be quite worried if my details got leaked to but at the end of the day it comes down to corporations to secure and safely store this data. So my final notes are, don't support big companies that rip you off and have you by the balls. Remember i am writing for myself here, a single anon :) Regards Anonymous