Operation Orlando, the truth not the media hype

About Operation Orlando is an operation by Anonymous against Orlando,FL for arresting Food for bomb supporters for feeding homeless people in a area that's controlled by a city permit. The group Food not Bombs has been feeding homeless people within Orlando city where the area that this permit covers is the greater town center district, this area has a high rate of homeless people. The law which was passed 6th July 2010 by the city states that any person found feeding groups of 25 or more without the correct permit, shall be arrested and jailed. The problem with this permit, besides being a permit is that you may only apply for 2 permits a year which restricts the amount of "legal" food supply they can do for the homeless. A full copy of the draft can be see here In the draft u can see it states a full 2 mile radius around town hall is where people can not feed the homeless, and i have confirmed it that this area has a high rate of homeless people seeking shelter, warm places to sleep and food to eat. Orlando city has been under cyber attacks by Anonymous putting websites offline for hours at a time, in a earlier interview with the examiner.com an Anonymous user stated : > We messed up the mayors campaign site so bad it croaked, and I would point out we kept the pigs web site down most of the day.

Operation Orlando has been targeting Orlando city politics in one of the latest big operations that anonymous has taken out. These take downs include hours of downtime where some of Orlando's city's important computer networks are unreachable due to attacks. These attacks are not just direct ddos attacks with other methods being used as well. Over the social networks there has been massive support shown for this and pretty firm statements from OpOrlando2011 that this will continue until the the law changes and Food for Bombs supporters are not arrested for feeding the homeless. In a press statement by Anonymous to the media it states that Anonymous does not stand by Food for bombs nor the city of Orlando, that they stand next to the hungry.Full statement here.


With the Obama administration active, why does it not do something about this, i thought he was supposed to care for the people, help the people, well least thats the idea i got anyway. It seems the ones that care are the ones that main media are classing as Cyber terrorist, i cant see whats so terrorizing about helping homeless people get a meal? So what is this? why is Orlando City putting such a law in place. I think this is pure ridiculous as the people who make these laws, go home in a nice warm car to a family in a warm bed and get paid stupid amounts of money to ruin other peoples life's. If anything Orlando city and the people who passed this are the terrorist, terrorizing the life of those who already have it hard.


[httpsv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yal7n1IrjSg](<iframe width=)?autoplay=0">[httpsv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDuo4ZPRHnE](<iframe width=)?autoplay=0">

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Operation Orlando, the truth not the media hype
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