Australia has seen its fair share of information leaked recently and this just adds another hit to the list, this leak appears to be the 2011 election, at time of publish we are currently unsure of the exact nature for the data but it comes in a 2 part torrent totally more then 600mb compressed. the leak which comes from a twitter account name f1esc seems to support Anonymous and is taking part in the Operation Anti Security, the two leaks was over  days 2nd/rd of July 2011 and states that it is less then 5% of the total database. Orginal tweet:

f1esc Lulz At Me Another dump - Part 2 of AU Election data available now! #Antisec #Anonymous #AnonOps Good night and happy sailing!!!!!

f1esc Lulz At Me @AnonPress @AnonymousIRC @TPB_Stun here is less than 5% of Ausie election data for 2011. If interested ill up the rest.

The torrents are found on the pirate bay. Show as i have been saying all day today, this world needs to step up and fix all this insecure data issues before it gets way to out of control.