Time for a little update, We have been working flat out the last week with researching, tweeting, writing, chatting, met a lot of new people, learnt a few new things and most of all getting the site to run perfect, which we have come across a few problems First before having a further bitch about the problems we encounted i would like to thank everyone who has visited, tweeted, RT, told a friend and most of all contributed to contents a absolutely huge thank you for you're interest. First problem being we never intended for the website to get so busy with a constant flow of traffic, from this we have had to upgrade our hosting situation for the time being, but problem being there, is that costs now are going up and we can not afford it, we soon will have to sort something out like advertising or find new hosting (got a few decent offers in mind). We also have a bit of work to do on our site style, but just lack creative idea's, welcome to all input, Made a funky logo, how you like that? Now some of the site updates we come across this last week are,


Like  system for posts, pages and comments. Anonymous Posting system. Polling system ( just haven't made any yet) Activated the comments system to be anonymous, no email required; but we must submit your 1st comment before any are posted. PDF and instant embed You tube features FAQ system Gallery's Mobile theme system.* to simplify the use on mobile phones.*

Features to come

Activation of polling system Digg type rating system Email list option Advertising, yes i know #lame but hey; how else can we pay for our time?** So once Again Thank you very much for you're interest's and contributions to the site EVERYONE** Get commenting, liking and most of all sharing and Spread the love of CWN. Regards Anonymous