Hello ladies and gents We are proud to say we have caved in to the many emails, DM's on twitter and contact requests for some sort of discussion board. Yes we are aware there is massive social network and thousands of other forums, but hey this is what our users want!! So we went a full forum thats nicely integrated to the site. Few options for login: Core forum account Login with Twitter Login with Facebook Login with Google Login with OpedID Create You Account Now Why so many u ask? makes life easier for our users to join the community at just a few clicks of a button ( and maybe a tiny typing ). We have also updated our polls, got promoted links enabled ( jump on this for a great deal ), and we put a nice simple menu up the top as well as a search box to help find past contents or pages. So make sure to sign up and come along and say hello, These are not "anonymous" forums so please remember children use the internet as well; keep contents reasonably clean please. Create You Account Now   Also keep in mind these forums are still young, help them grow share them with you're buddys, family, workmates, We will be focusing customizing the look over the next few days as well as some media rich features for fun tim