Few small sql injection leaks from paste bin over the past 24hrs or so. First is from V0iD as we reported the other day they leaked Toshiba database's and now its Bank of Cambodia (nbc.org.kh) and presidentofpakistan.gov.pk, with very small password leaks. the other leaks come from a crew/person calling themselves Jackal with small injection leaks from getitacross-news.de and twiningsusa.com. the twinings hack has a tiny note saying "*My Mother loves your Teas.  I don't love your security" *and continued on to say "Twinings, Sorry, your just meat in the grinder.  What's more funny is this is all you had submit." If anything these are fairly worthless but either way it shows anything and everything is a target these days. https://pastebin.com/kaeWsthW https://pastebin.com/c8rEDxZ8 https://pastebin.com/gXpThY6w https://pastebin.com/3cJdVRWH