Anonymous has taken a break from operation Orlando now that 2 of 3 of the demands are met. Keith McHenry is out of jail, there has been no further arrests at FnB feedings. The operation has been going a while now with lots of sites being taken offline, documents being leaks and city hall being paper bomb by anonymous activist. Some of the sites that was targeted was orlandocityariport, orange county sheriffs office and many more high profile websites. It even reached a point where Orlando police and mayor said anonymous was making threats of violence even though there was never truthful evidence of this happening and the main media in Orlando was told not to report on the operation. so as you can see it has had a massive overall effect from downing systems to changing the way people have to work. The break comes from the Operations main twitter account along with a warning for Orlando "But remember Orlando: We Are Anonymous - We Are Everywhere - We Are Legion - We Never Forget - We Never Forgive....And We Are Watching You !". Anonymous has also issued a few tweets to FnB and Keith saying that are always with them and if anyone f*ks with them they should "expect us" and that they are always watching you. So does this mean that Orlando city actually backed down? or is this just the system playing its game.... I think only time will tell with this one, but one thing is to be sure if Orlando does take further actions towards FnB members then we can sure expect to see Operation Orlando swing back into full action. Tweets from anonymous

FNBSouthFlorida FNB South Florida *by OpOrlando2011 ***orlando #foodnotbombs has another arrest-free sharing in front of city hall, tactic seems to be working despite obstinate city hall meeting

OpOrlando2011 Commander X In light of the message from FNB that I just Re-Tweeted, Anonymous Operation Orlando will take a brief pause. Two of our three demands met.

OpOrlando2011 Commander X  Keith McHenry has been released, and the arrests appear to have ceased, and so in recognition of that wonderful news we will pause and wait. OpOrlando2011 Commander X  But remember Orlando: We Are Anonymous - We Are Everywhere - We Are Legion - We Never Forget - We Never Forgive....And We Are Watching You ! OpOrlando2011 Commander X  And to the wonderful people in the Food Not Bombs organization, in Orlando and around the world we say this: We are with you. Remember that. OpOrlando2011 Commander X  Wherever you are FNB remember we will be watching, waiting - and if they fuck with you....well you know by now right ? Expect Us ! LOL ! OpOrlando2011 Commander X  So my brave brothers and sisters, stay strong and keep feeding the poor and hungry people. We have your back, you no longer fight alone. OpOrlando2011 Commander X  And to Keith McHenry we have a special message. What you founded has changed the world. I know we scared you a bit, sorry for that. OpOrlando2011 Commander X But now you have a powerful new ally. Think of us as your headless big brother. Anonymous will never let you fight alone again. Expect us.

The truth behind the Orlando Operation Operation Orlando time line