Now in 2011, we see Cyber Warfare attacks on a hourly rate, these attacks can be anything from minor data leaks from private schools or websites to big corporations like Sony and even complete government taking fire, but regardless of level of intrusion or profile of target this must one way or another have a effect on our day to day living. We use technology  for everything these days and its seriously only very few left in the entire world who refuse to have anything to do with it. technology  save's live's, makes processing data easier, brings down waiting times for transport or waiting in long tedious lines. Even though alot of us say we don't we depend on it in modern day living, the simple fact is it is necessary to have technology in modern day. These Cyber Warfare attacks can have serious effect on the way we work, act or even think. with recent groups like Anonymous who are non government related and fight governments, what do our governments do in response? For years now there has been talk of a super army of hackers from china, but any smart person knows that lot of proxies end up back in china. Our Governments are just as much as risk as the every day user, sad isn't it? we pay all these high tax's for them to have unsecured networks of personal information exposed to the world. We have seen recent actions from the news of the world incident to operation Orlando, where both have had a physical effect on humans from a direct result of some sort of cyber attack. Its time we, the citizens of the world take action and make sure the technology services and other services we use that store our personal information or have a effect on life, understand the need for higher security regardless of level of data. Can we do that? can we demand that our services are Proven to be secure? the way we see it is yes, as a human you have the right to personal security, that personal security being you're personal information that you have trusted a third party company/body/person to keep secure. These attacks mostly have an effect mentally, they change routines which makes humans forget simple stuff they do every other day, this mental stress of not being secure sadly a very common feeling, with almost all Internet users not feeling secure about the services they use. I personally know plenty of people who will not use internet banking, facebook, twitter, myspace for the reason they do not trust online security, they do not feel the "security" features websites have in place are effective. So in saying all this where are we going? Is it going to get to a point where we/us as a person can take personal legal action towards any company/government that allows information to be leaked/accessed via insecure systems? ill leave you with that thought.