PiraX hacks V0iD's paste bin and leaves a note

The hacker V0iD who leaked various government and high profile database's has been hacked and given a warning by PiraX, an older crew who earlier leaked 400 ftp accountsPiraX has left a warning for V0iD telling them to grow up and that its not a dangerous game they are playing along with numerous threats that the hack is merly  a warning, that they could do much more. Copy of the warning.

Why hello there v0id! What a pleasant surprise to see you here! You know, I was just thinking about you... I saw your database hacks on Pakistan and Toshiba. Quite nice. However, you obviously failed at one thing: Covering up your tracks. See, while you may now feel like a super hero (We wouldn't deny you that sense of being), you need to grow up. The world is becoming a dangerous place. We wouldn't want you to get hurt. But you know what? Hackers like you and I are targets. People love to see us get shot down. They think that our "attacks" upon them make us criminals... anarchists... traitors... and most of all, overall evil people. I want you to know where we are coming from. This isn't an attack on you as much as it is a simple embarrassment. You let your guard down. Think. If we have your emails, passwords, and IP addresses, we have your balls in our hands. Now, unlike LulzSec, we do not aim to profit from others' misfortune. This is not a stick-up. This is just a taste of our future. If we continue to do this on this same scale, people will come after us for the sole reason that we are in the news. I'm not sure how long our generation will last. One day we will have to report back to society and forget about all of this. But until then, I will assume that we will continue on with our current modus operandi. I look back on some things that have taken place recently and I wonder if they did the world any good at all. Then, I remember that the world is already lost; there is no point in trying to bring it out of this nearly 3,000 year-old hole. While Society lives, it resides physically on every plane of existence. Society lives. Eventually it will die. Now look at us. We do not exist. We are simply ideas; and if you know anything about ideas, you will know that they will never die. V0id, together in anonymity, we will live forever. We do not exist. We do not live. We will never die. For this reason alone, I want you be careful. We could have chosen to do far more damage. I mean, a Pastebin hack is hardly an example of the extremes some have fallen victim to online. I wish you the best of luck. We do not planning on hijacking any of your emails. However, if I was able to get them, someone else may have already done so as well. Please change your passwords and stay alert. With love, PiraX...

Lee Johnstone

Lee Johnstone

Information Security Data Analyst, Investigative Journalist, Technology Lover, Mechanic.

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