Every week as the week gets closer to the weekend we start to see more minor leaks popping up over twitter/pastebin and various other places. Every week we seem to find a new  "player" in the game who leaks a small amount of data, not complete database's. The most recent one being from @CatloversUnited, this account is still only a new account with 4 tweets, all being labeled as "SQLi of the day:". The four domains/sites that have been exploited are ahmedabadairport.com, airportcluj.roarroiodosal.rs.gov.br,  conpet.gov.br. This just goes to show all the hackers are coming out to play a part in the #antisec operation being carried out by Anonymous. content/images/gallery/teampoison/catlovers-united-catloversunited-on-twitter.png