Just Another couple of minor leaks. First leak comes from @neatstuffs as a final leak, they also stated its the final tweet. The leak is from https://ateneolawjournal.com and is just a simple DB, nothing big.   content/images/gallery/teampoison/lulz-bus-neatstuffs-on-twitter_0.png The 2nd  and 3rd leak comes from @CatloversUnited from two sites, cnfcp.gov.br and guam.gov, yeah both are government sites but are not full leaks, more exploits ready to go. content/images/gallery/teampoison/lulz-bus-neatstuffs-on-twitter_0.png Seems like more and more government sites, no matter if they big or small or importance level are being hit. It just goes to show the Antisec Operation by anonymous is full steam ahead.