New player @cybervandalerna leaks heaps of database's

Well seems @cybervandalerna is a new player in the game, leaking lots of sites data within a short amount of time. All leaks have been announced via twitter and are leaked onto pastebin. the sites they have leaked are,,,, All leaks are of minor scale, but prove just how much different stuff is injectable. So it seems that @cybervandalerna has been very busy along with leaking stuff along side V0iD they have been leaking other stuff.

In the first leak is a message to all users. Hello, Cyberhoran here! Im dump this sh*it cuz I don't have anything better up to huh? Follow me on twitter, mention me if any dump has been deleted from pastebin, then I'll re-upload it for you. Have fun! Twitter :!/cybervandalerna

cybervandalerna cybervandalerna  And another one #Cyberhoran Taken from ''

cybervandalerna cybervandalerna  A dump, contains 4 admins to at #Cyberhoran , #Cybervandalerna ,

cybervandalerna cybervandalerna  Yep, new dump by #Cyberhoran at cybervandalerna cybervandalerna  Just released my biggest dump so far. Over 476 lines on pastebin, Find it here - #Cyberhoran , cybervandalerna cybervandalerna cybervandalerna cybervandalerna

Extreme dump made by : #V0iD , #Cyberhoran You better be having fun quickly now!

Lee Johnstone

Lee Johnstone

Information Security Data Analyst, Investigative Journalist, Technology Lover, Mechanic.

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New player @cybervandalerna leaks heaps of database's
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