@VenezuelaLeaks has taken www.vtv.gov.ve offline. This comes shortly after the call for people to "bomb". Three hours and counting the site is still offline.

VenezuelaLeaks VenezuelaLeaks Don't Stop! Bombing! Target: www.vtv.gov.ve #FueralaHojilla is down! #anonymous 2 hours ago

VenezuelaLeaks VenezuelaLeaks

Join us! Take Action! Fire! Bombing now! Target: www.vtv.gov.ve #FueraLaHojilla #anonymous 3 hours ago **Favorite **Retweet ****Reply **

VenezuelaLeaks VenezuelaLeaks

TANGO DOWN www.vtv.gov.ve was under attack! Two hrs offline! Volveremos! #venezuela #anonymous #FueraLaHojilla