Leak from coolcanes.ca, this has emails, address and other personal information from clients https://pastebin.com/5FifHHyF Leak from unknown, hashed passwords and emails https://pastebin.com/e5vXiZVQ Leak from random accounts, lots fo random accounts from a phishing scam. https://pastebin.com/azSVs8kD Leak from  unknown, hashed passwords and emails https://pastebin.com/fwi48Ay4 @Catlovers United has leaked another vun and bit of data from yet another Government site, and also from revecess.com > CatloversUnited Catlovers United  For all you cats out there, here's another SQLi vuln.. neda.gov.ph this time privatepaste.com/4f8528782a #SQLinjection #Exploited #AntiSec #gov CatloversUnited Catlovers United  SQLi of the day: revecess.com privatepaste.com/7c1bafba18 included some users #SQLinjection #Exploited #AntiSec