Note:@Neatstuffs has confirmed owner was contacted, see below Well @neatstuffs has been at it again just doing a small warning deface to, which IMO is very harsh but it does highlight the need for them to upgrade security, im just hoping that they have been contacted with the exploit. I would like to make note that @neatstuffs had left the following note "Although, I realize that this is a website for people with special needs, so I will not go any further with this hack. I'm not that mean." so i guess in a way @neatstuffs has done the right thing, its good to see they went no further. content/images/gallery/teampoison/welcome-to-parents-and-friends-association-community-services.png Also the administrator of has left a fairly funny message here. Message reads:

Hello MOIN... First... we are a non-profit organization run by volunteers. You clearly are an expert and we thank you for pointing out the weaknessess in our system... although deleting so much material was quite mean. You have successfully ruined several person's days. Sincerely, WNAG Webmaster