NOTE: It is still Early to confirm everything everyone wants to know, we have done our best. enjoy. Well as main stream media has been going nuts, probably loosing sleep over it thinking its the biggest news in the world, We waited as we always do, and now can confirm that 13 Anonymous Members in USA have been Raided and 1 in the UK raided. We can not make a firm confirmation about the exact number of arrests. Its still early, Anonymous needs time. These Raids come as a very small take down for the FBI, it has not effected Anonymous at all, there seems to be no extra hype or fear within them. For Every anon they arrest or scare off another 10 will move along. Its still early to absolutely confirm how many have been charged or arrested or to what extent, But i can confirm this is for the paypal attacks and it seems that pay pal may be pushing for the FBI to nail them.   anonymouslogo One thing as well, i honestly think the FBI and other law enforcement agencies are going to be fighting an uphill battle. A good hacker is always 1 step ahead, that's why whitehats have a job. Anyways enough BS, Over time we will see more and more children getting arrested due to the fact they do not know how to cover there traces as well as a expert hackers, which leads them to using tools like LOIC on insecure networks and leaving footprints everywhere of what they doing. Simply saying. The FBI is targeting the easy to get.... There has also been massive support for these anons, with barret brown posting paste bin statement,

Legal Assistance The National Lawyer's Guild has directed me to notify those arrested today in the U.S. that the organization is prepared to provide assistance; several of its lawyers are familiar with the ongoing case and have already provided free consultations to several of those raided in January. In particular, they have lawyers on hand for those in New York State; I'm not yet sure about other states. The NLG may be contacted at its hotline at 888.654.3265. I'm also working on arranging assistance for those outside of the U.S. Anyone with questions can e-mail me at [email protected] or [email protected]: I've just been contacted by a lawyer in California who can arrange for legal assistance for the 12 of the 16 arrested who will presumably be tried in the Northern District of California. Those to whom this applies should e-mail me as soon as possible.

Another Aspect.

Well if you have visited Anonops IRC chat you will know the massive support, with hundreds of users. Is the FBI idling and targeting IRC Operators because they have a funny character in front of there name? Are they targeting users who speak freely but dont actually do anything? its anyone's guess really. but my guess is that the FBI goes for the ones they can get. Looking at it from the IRC aspect as well, what legal rights does FBI have to use chat logs without Server owner consent? does this mean every other IRC server in the world ,which i must note is hundreds of thousands, are they at risk of being raided or arrested? Im probably pushing it a bit far in saying that but it really does seem the FBI is raiding anyone that even comes within contact with other anons. There has also been a very interesting story from the Parent of one of the kids who was targeted, This is on Reddit and states that the FBI came in with no search warrant at hand, took them 30minutes to produce one and they had there guns drawn and there was young teenage children in the house. all computer gear has been taken by the FBI, how ever the parent went out and brought a new one. Read the full story and all comments here. We will bring u more on this as it comes to light...