Team Poison has come out and leaked a pretty big and informational court case documents in the trail against AaFia Siddiqui. Aafia, Also known as prisoner 650 a American educated Pakistani, was sentenced to 85years jail in September 2010. On team Poisons website they have got some screen shots of the documents that are highlighted, these highlighted sections bring some important information to light, like that Aafia had been working closely on a cure for aids, that she is a highly educated cognitive neuroscientist. You can read more on Aafia here The reasons for this attack is very clear, the us government has wrongfully imprisoned, treated Aafia since arrest. In the documents released she talks of treats to her, fear of her sons life alongside other things.Now the leak of these documents may or may not be helpful to Aafie but it lets the general public know, what the American government know and think of her. In the release statement on Team Poisons website, is a few interesting pointers. > Now we know of some of the things she was capable of but the next question we must ask ourselves is why would USA stop her from expanding her ideas and studies? her ideas would clearly make the world a better place right? 1. Why would the US Government not want a AIDS vaccine? Because the US Government created AIDS, its all over the internet, google it. 2. Why would the US Government not want peace with the Taliban? The US Government created Taliban, they funded them with money and weapons and trained them them to fight the Soviet Union. 2. Why would Zionist Jews of Israel want to get rid of African Americans and Hispanics living in the US? Israel is the puppeteer and the US is the puppet, Israel uses USA for security & money, deep down Israel hates everyone and anyone who is not apart of their state, but why would they target African Americans and Hispanics living in america? prisons in America are private businesses, The US Government gets paid 50,000 per year for every inmate in prison, now who are the stereotypical races that represent American prisons? African Americans and Hispanics - therefore if Zionist Jews were to affect African Americans and hispanics in anyway America would be loosing a lot of money. as from

In our eyes, we see this as real cyber war, this is using cyber world to attack a common target, in this case, once again its the US government, which tends to see a lot more attacks then any other country out there. Is there a reason for this? or does the world just have a lot of misguided hate for America? i personally think there is reasons, and people want to know these reasons as much as they want to know the reason the US government is so secretive about everything it does. So hopefully one of the bigger media outlets pick this up, read the documents and figure out this is actually something that really does matter, unlike cadel being in the lead to win Tour de France. Leaked Documents Team poison website: