V0iD has been very busy lately with lots of hacks and leaks, The latest being university of Hartford, unclear why the hack has been carried out but there is another note to everyone in the leak. >_ Hi there! My name is V0iD. When someone is destroying my work I get really mad. Just send me an e-mail if you don't like it! I promise, Im a nice person. >_ Thanks to: https://twitter.com/#!/TPB_Stun <-- Follow https://twitter.com/#!/Cyber_War_News <-- Follow Pls, follow them! They follow the cyber war with passion and so should you! We like that @TPB_Stun and @Cyber_War_News got a mention, that's cool :), anyways u can find the leak on V0iD's pastebin account. https://pastebin.com/TtLJv4UT Also as V0iD has mentioned if you would like to contact them please e-mail  [email protected]