Last few posts have been about the Runescape leaks, it would seem the leak has annoyed its fair share of people and most likely as a result the leak has been removed from pastebin. V0iD has issued a statement via pastebin about this. In the statement it says that all RuneScape users better get ready to be owned. Full statement

---> [email protected] ---> -------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi there! The name is V0iD. I DO NOT WORK FOR #ANTISEC , #LULZSEC or #ANONYMOUS !!! So I dumped BIG TIME!!! Runescape accounts. But now some tard took them away (just like my Toshiba Hack) O H N O !!! >_ Just due to this I will DUMP ALL USERS!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! >_ If you fight against me...It will just get worst.. ---> RUNESCAPEFAGS GET READY TO BE PWN3D !!!!! // V0iD