Anonymous Operation WarAgainstMoney #OpWaM '11 All crime, corruption, war etc has monetary reasons. War against the monetary system to get rid of money and monetary problems on earth, give the power back to the people. Not using the monetary system and not supporting the monetary system is a very powerful weapon. Important in that war against the monetary system is: - use less money as possible - get much as possible of our money out off the bank. - buy less as possible shit from system - don't use or support stock market - use much as possible hardware money, as long money exists Most important is: - use less money as possible MUCH more important is: - use less money as possible a few points description: -------------------------------- we don't buy that shit, we buy less as possible or nothing from following - any globalization company - any fast-food - Cars - Computers - Smart-phones - Flat-screens - wild fish from ocean - wild animals from land - Monsanto food - food (like chocolate) and clothes made from child slaves - gen-food - sport-cars - more houses then needed - more land then needed - slaves - weapons - etc. we don't use virtual software money - no visa master am-ex PayPal etc - we always get much as possible money out off the bank - we pay with hardware-money we don't use the stock market - we let them play monopoly very alone we don't take any credit from any bank - borrowed money is the evil system of slavery we use our resources until they break - we drive our car until the car is dead - we buy a new computer when the old one is not usable anymore - we use resources of any kind less as possible if it moves money through the system. we do not need TV and Print - we know about systems brainwash to keep us buying more and more shit from globalization-system we use new energy much as possible - bicycle, electric cars, wind, solar - we don't fly with planes for holiday - we don't drive around with the car senseless etc etc etc get the money out of the bank & don't use stock-market & no virtual money & no stuff from global company's etc, will kill the monetary system and will give the power back to the people and will open a path to future, far away from that monetary corruption system to slave the world. JOIN #OpWaM - you are Anonymous ThePLAN: Our Website: IRC: OR Our Facebook:​Anonyops/119328501493033?sk=wa​ll Our Twitter:!/anonyops_ OPERATION ONSLAUGHT- OPERATION ONSLAUGHT Phase1 30.July.2011 - ANONYMOUS THE PLAN IS NOW LIVE. PHASE 1 INITIATED. WAR AGAINST - THE SYSTEM. -- Anonymous #OpWaM We Are Anonymous We Are Legion We Do Not Forgive We Do Not Forget Expect Us