Connection hack team, @Connexion_Lulz has done a sneaky release, and we almost missed it, well we did until alerted to it by them. To get right to it, on the 22nd they released some wallpapers, in the package was a read me file, which of coarse no one ever reads. Well if you didn't like us, u missed out on some leaks from a few companies and a government leaks as well. In the leak is funny lil release statement, "Hey! Thanks for reading me! That's awesome. So we know that most people do not read the readme files so since you did, you get a bonus!!! our twitter password is "ForTehLulz". LMFAO! no its not....  (awkward pause)**so here is some random shit we have put together since we haven't had a release in a while." The data is username/password from data dumps. from the following sites.*  (affiliate to North Carolina State )**  (Kite surfing website )**  (North Carolina Cooperative Extension )* Wallpaper Art from Connection hack team. Also, You can join connection hack team, just visit their site and hack it. Connection hack team supports the #antisec operation. leak and wallpapers