The Philippines Goverment has become the latest target in the #antisec operation with a hacker crew known by @BashCrew, wth being hacked and having some data leaked. The leak has personal information, emails, contact numbers etc... This proves that the Antisec Operation is drawing out more and more hacker groups who are joining up to create this Cyber War that we are seeing. In the release notes they also disclose the user names and passwords of the servers, but leave this funny little msg under it " Unfortunately because we are cruel you get to find the link as to where you get to login* Trololololololololololol ".* Note from press release statement.

Ohai fair ppl of #AntiSec Its us again @BashCrew the one and only [email protected]~$ sudo bash [email protected]~# Kill all It has come to our attn: that the lovely ppl of the Philippians live with one of the most corrupt government in southeast Asia. So naturally in the heart of #AntiSec we have Hacked So we would like the government of the Philippians to understand this Your people should not fear their government your government should fear you and now the worlds eyes or on you we are all watching you hold our brothers and sisters of this world and you should do so moar wisely. * Grats to the team shall we Dwaan-SEO organizer TuL-AX and random shit Hyperzap-Programmer eTag-Dood who brought us togather and Programmer and others who wish to still remain anonymous *