The @S_Kiddies (script Kiddies) have been at it again, first they did paypal and Fox News Official twitter accounts and now they have hacked walmart, obtained data and leaked it online. On the @S_Kiddies Twitter account they posted an announcement and link to  a press release and image.

S_Kiddies The Script Kiddies Preparing for a big release of Walmart data still open for interviews on twitter #ScriptKiddies #walmart


Greetings Interwebs, The Script Kiddies is currently sitting on over 50MB of data on Walmart and other companies closely associated with them. We have not modified the content in anyway and it contains sensitive data such as Social Security Numbers of employees and bank account information. a preview of the data can be seen here: We are not sure when this data will be released to the public, so keep watching on our twitter feed at:!/S_kiddies Follow us for future releases and hacks, ~The Script Kiddies