Wallmart data dump by Script Kiddies

Well as earlier promise, the script kiddies aka @s_kiddies have just dump the data for walmart. Few hours ago they said they had 50mb and showed a screen shot of some of the files, stated that the leak was in the name of #antisec, There has been much attention over twitter with others like Sabu retweeting and making further statements to them about the hack .

anonymouSabu The Real Sabu @S_Kiddies Just saw your pastebin :) good work mates.

Well after waiting for many hours here it is.... > S_Kiddies The Script Kiddies Who is ready for some Walmart data?? @AnonymousIRC @ThinkMagazine #AntiSec #ScriptKiddies -- Enjoy! --pastebin.com/bGzjFQEj

Leak file: https://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZYWJA3CO In the leak file u will fine 3 rars S & R Engineering.zip Walmart BR.zip Wal-Mart Givings.zip We can only guess that this is going to be a bag of goodies will need some time and effort to go through and sort it out. Enjoy media.

Lee Johnstone

Lee Johnstone

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