@theamericanlulz has been sitting on some data for a while now it would seem, they have released 2 leaks recently both of which has personal details/usernames passwords. In one of the releases is the below statement:

oh hai guysss much fun to this release.as most of yall niggers know im a blackhat. i got a few requets to embaress this gay school. ppl were telling me they get beat there so i took it in my own hands. well this release is just to embaress those douchebags. btw an sqli is the most primitive hack yet they were vunerable. once the sqli get fixed from the site im gunna do some more advanced shit and completely destroy all files, hopefully they back it up now that those homos know my plan. enjoi

You can find both leaks here: https://paste2.org/p/1524066 https://pastebin.com/DYyNUb5L