@NetBashers @NetBashers have been busy lately with some important documents, first was the osama bin laden docs and now its this J.F.K docs. Now We understand this is all Conspiracy theory's So we have added a new category for these to fall in. Anyways, In the release is a few very interesting documents about the J.F.K assassination and Nixon and Bush's involvement, Well while this has been a hot/popular topic for 40+years, @NetBashers make very good point within the insights they have given to this documentation, and will most likely leave you doing more research for you're self... Within the documents u can see links to Operation 40/Group 40 which was a CIA controlled operation in the early 60's, there is also mention of witness's who see bush within Huston around the time of the J.F.K murder, a document that states Bush over heard a person talking about the plot to kill, but he wishes to keep this confidential, bit suspect if you ask us. Anyways Read the full statement from @Netbashers for a full insight to the documents. Documents/leak: JFK Assassination Leak